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BuildiBox is a state-of-the art system for recording loading and unloading operationd plus the routes taken by bulk material transport vehicles, as well as accounting for the hired machinery working time.
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Customised approach

Direct access to information on each drive completed at a construction site plus data regarding working hours on the site

Operating cost reduction

Optimise expenditure on a construction site by replacing inefficient personnel with a comprehensive automation system.

Customer billing process optimisation

Forget about manual entering documents in a computer system and creating delayed statements. Our system will do it for you, on an ongoing basis and without any errors.

About us

We are a young, ambitious, but simultaneously experienced team comprising construction and IT industry experts. Our extensive experience in these fields enables us to develop dedicated solutions for our clients. In fact, our product, BuildiBox, is a telematics technology tailored to construction industry clients' needs.

We are driven by passion to create systems facilitating and upgrading performance of construction teams facing their everyday challenges.
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BuildiBox solves problems

Current challenges faced by construction industry projects include high personnel costs, inefficient contractor billing and dishonest employees' behaviour.

Our system enables you to solve all these problems using individual modules.
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A comprehensive module for automatic material transport management and control for deliveries from mines or other facilities.
"Bar" record-keeping system
Record keeping costs with a "bar" system:
PLN 50,000 / month
PLN 1,500,000 / contract
BulidiBox system
Record keeping costs with the BuildiBox system:
PLN 31,200 / month
PLN 936,000 / contract
Cost savings resulting from replacing employees keeping records manually with the BuildiBox technology amount to approx. PLN 500 000 during a 3-year contract, but these are just initial savings (for a detailed example related to a construction site, see the "Modules" tab).
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Module whose functionalities facilitate detecting employees' dishonest behaviour. Integrated automation features eliminate the need to record machinery operation time manually.
Equipment rental - record keeping without system
Machinery rental costs based on sheets completed by an operator
PLN 3,150 / day
PLN 69,300 / month
Billing based on BulidiBox
Actual working hours cotrolled by the system
PLN 2,700 / day
PLN 59,400 / month
Possible costs savings related to a single rented machine amount to approx. PLN 6000 / month.
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